Have Some Fun



Top Fun Facts and Reasons to Visit the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair on Saturday, April 29, 2017 and Sunday, April 30, 2017:

> It really is fun, and it’s free fun. Think of it as a great party w/ great art! It’s a juried fair w/ tough competition. Only the best of the best make the cut.

> It’s the 46th anniversary of the art fair. Celebrate w/ the tasty food and drinks available for sale at the food tent.

> Enjoy the children’s parade that opens the fair and starts at the Castleman statue at 10 AM.

> Visit the Cafe Castleman and relax with a glass of wine.

> See and be seen. Run into friends and see folks you may not have seen for a time. Make connections, or make dates. Practice your social skills.

> Greet and hobnob with over 200 artists who have been juried into the fair. Some are local, but many are not. They’re interesting and welcoming people. They’ll talk with you about their art.

> Decorate your place with a purchase. Adorn yourself with another purchase. Art is available in all shapes and sizes and it makes for a perfect gift. Don’t forget, Mothers’ Day is coming soon.

> Dress up or dress down. Try out a spring outfit you’ve been wanting to show off or wear your most comfortable sweats or scrubs.

> Keep an eye out for the media. Maybe you will be in movies. Look for local celebrities.

> Take a child to the children’s tent for all sorts of festivities.

> Celebrate the music until 8 PM on Sat. night and 6 PM on Sunday.

> Volunteer or sign up. Buy “Cherokee Triangle, the Heart of the Highlands,” the neighborhood book by Sam Thomas. At the Association booth, buy items & clothes with the Cherokee Triangle Association logo.

> Join the CTA. Sign up for the Tree Committee. Have good reasons for getting off the couch, turning off the TV or leaving the screen.

> Enjoy in the people watching—None better than here.

> Finally, revel in the knowledge that your presence is for a great community cause, the support of a historic neighborhood and its contributions outside its boundaries as well as inside. The proceeds from the fair fund support the Willow Park Summer Concerts, the Castleman restoration and maintenance, Willow Park improvements, donations to the Highland/Shelby Park Free Public Library, Dare to Care, Highlands Communities Ministries, and more.

> Oh, and the fair strives to be green with its recycling.

Enjoy the tradition and sociability of the fair. Most of all, make sure you’re here.