Have Some Fun



Top Fun Facts and Reasons to Visit the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair on Saturday, April 26, 2013 and Sunday, April 27, 2014:

> It really is fun, and it’s free fun. Think of it as a great party w/ great art! It’s a juried fair w/ tough competition. Only the best of the best make the cut.

> It’s the 42nd anniversary of the art fair. Celebrate w/ the tasty food and drinks available for sale at the food tent.

> Enjoy the children’s parade that opens the fair and starts at the Castleman statue at 10 AM.

> This year is the 100th anniversary of the Castleman, and that means another party to anticipate in November. Put that on your social calendar.

> Visit the Cafe Castleman and relax w/ a glass of wine; or, at 3 PM, learn about the history of this venerable neighborhood landmark.

> See and be seen. Run into friends and see folks you may not have seen for a time. Make connections, or make dates. Practice your social skills.

> Greet and hobnob w/ over 200 artists who have been juried into the fair. Some are local, but many are not. They’re interesting and welcoming people. They’ll talk w/ your about their art.

> Decorate your place w/ a purchase. Adorn yourself w/ another purchase. Art is available from oil paintings to children’s clothes to garden enhancements, to note cards. Need a gift?? It could be waiting for you at the fair.

> Dress up or dress down. Try out a spring outfit you’ve been wanting to show off, or wear your most comfortable sweats or scrubs.

> Keep an eye out for the media. Maybe you will be in movies. Look for local celebrities.

> Take a child to the children’s tent for all sorts of festivities.

> Celebrate the music until 8 PM on Sat. night and 6 PM on Sunday.

> Volunteer or sign up. Buy “Cherokee Triangle, the Heart of the Highlands,” the neighborhood book by Sam Thomas. At the Association booth, buy items & clothes w/ the Cherokee Triangle Association logo.

> Join the CTA. Sign up for the Tree Committee. Have good reasons for getting off the couch, turning off the t.v., or leaving the screen.

> Enjoy in the people watching—None better than here.

> Finally, revel in the knowledge that your presence is for a great community cause, the support of a historic neighborhood and its contributions outside its boundaries as well as inside. The proceeds from the fair fund/support the Willow Park Summer Concerts, the Castleman restoration and maintenance, Willow Park improvements, donations to the Highland/Shelby Park Free Public Library, Dare to Care, Highlands Communities Ministries, and more.

> Oh, and the fair strives to be green w/ its recycling.

Enjoy the tradition and sociability of the fair.Most of all, Come on!